About Us
GCCHRhub was established to provide a reliable, quality source of data, analysis and practical assistance for HR professionals in the GCC, in order to support their strategic decisions and talent management.
GCCHRhub is a dynamic online tool that centralizes data from multiple verified sources in the areas of C&B, competencies, KPI and L&D, from across the Saudi market as well as internationally. Users can make business-critical decisions based on exhaustive and timely analysis of industry-specific information, so their talent management efforts are relevant and productive. Our databases are constantly updated to keep pace with the fast-changing HR environment, meaning you never lose your competitive edge.
We aim to be the Number One HR knowledge hub for business owners and HR practitioners in Saudi Arabia and the GCC.
A one-stop-shop designed to leverage the power of data and provide cost-effective and convenient HR solutions to business leaders across the GCC.
Why us?
GCCHRhub has multiple features designed to help the user build the most accurate and relevant:

OurVision Annual Basic Salary Benchmarking
OurVision Industry-relevant KPIs
OurVision Job-related competencies
OurVision Proficiency Levels
OurVision Training programs, including online courses, self-learning and reading recommendations